Monday, 25 July 2016

Rain Stopper

A rain stopper is a thing that truck's use  to stop the rain from getting in the engine it is a good model to use you shod get one. They come in different sizes these are the sizes they come in big like mine medium and little. Time for the instructions : 1. Put the ran stopper on the muffler.  2 .Screw it on.  3. Test it and see if it work's if the rain stopper doesn't work put some CRC  on the rain stopper and leave it for 10 minutes to soak in.  
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Antique 1909' Hit and miss

A hit and miss engine is a relay cool engine but it has got a spark plug and it is a 4 stroke engine. Fist off hod the choke down and spin the crank handhold until it start's then let it go and watch it go and let go of the choke. Here is a video to watch it is cud a Antique 1909 hit and miss engine thank you .

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Fish salt pepper

Fish salt pepper

The fish got a PRIDE Award on the 24th may. 2013 and this is what it said for swimming around the .tank with no complaints bat! The big fish puts the stones in his mouth to clean them then he. spits them back out again i find it weird when he does that. my fish at home  do that to i say the same thing bat when they 20IMG_0244.JPG    

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Hi, this is my iproud, I am blogging this because this task is about a task that we like and want to do here is my Iproud that I am blogging about, Thank- you
My Best Learning
This is my Camp Let
Mel Hall
Oak Rd

Dear Mum,

Thank you for coming on camp. I really like you coming down to the river with me. And I like cooking my toastie over the fire. When it was night time I like playing spot light in the dark. When we hopped into bed we had 10 minutes talk  then the lights went out. I said to you “I really do not like the dark.” And you said “I'll just turn the lights on a little bit.” You  turned the lights off and  it went black. I was freaking out. In the morning I had toast. I had honey on my toast. It was yummy. Then I had 3 more pieces of toast. Then I got dressed into my clothes. When it was lunchtime. I went home to play.

Thank you for coming on camp.

Love Ethan

I am proud of this because I got it done and it was good.

My biggest challenge was coming up with good words and long sentences.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

2nd Blog Post

My favorite learning task is to go on the cycle track. I like going cycling on the school track and on the red and green bikes.  I like riding bikes because I'm good at it and I ride to school on my bike. My biggest challenge is to race and do the jumps.  I have my own helmet so when I ride to my Mums house and fall over my helmet saves me from cracking my head open.  I have a helmet at school which is grey and I use it only on Mondays and Tuesdays at school.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Fist blog post

Hi my name is Ethan.
 I like playing outside and playing with my trolley. It has sprinklers on it. I like to go on my i pad. I always go on you tube and I like watching videos of train arms that go down.  So when the trains coming the barriers would come down and the bell would turn on and the lights would flash left to right.  I went from Napier to Hastings on a steam train last year and we went through 15 railway crossings.  We got off in Hastings but when the whistle went we had to get back on the train.  I got a huge fright when I was looking around the steam train because the whistle went off and it was not fair at all but really loud.  One of my favourite things are trains.