Monday, 25 July 2016

Rain Stopper

A rain stopper is a thing that truck's use  to stop the rain from getting in the engine it is a good model to use you shod get one. They come in different sizes these are the sizes they come in big like mine medium and little. Time for the instructions : 1. Put the ran stopper on the muffler.  2 .Screw it on.  3. Test it and see if it work's if the rain stopper doesn't work put some CRC  on the rain stopper and leave it for 10 minutes to soak in.  
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Antique 1909' Hit and miss

A hit and miss engine is a relay cool engine but it has got a spark plug and it is a 4 stroke engine. Fist off hod the choke down and spin the crank handhold until it start's then let it go and watch it go and let go of the choke. Here is a video to watch it is cud a Antique 1909 hit and miss engine thank you .

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