Thursday, 14 April 2016


Hi, this is my iproud, I am blogging this because this task is about a task that we like and want to do here is my Iproud that I am blogging about, Thank- you
My Best Learning
This is my Camp Let
Mel Hall
Oak Rd

Dear Mum,

Thank you for coming on camp. I really like you coming down to the river with me. And I like cooking my toastie over the fire. When it was night time I like playing spot light in the dark. When we hopped into bed we had 10 minutes talk  then the lights went out. I said to you “I really do not like the dark.” And you said “I'll just turn the lights on a little bit.” You  turned the lights off and  it went black. I was freaking out. In the morning I had toast. I had honey on my toast. It was yummy. Then I had 3 more pieces of toast. Then I got dressed into my clothes. When it was lunchtime. I went home to play.

Thank you for coming on camp.

Love Ethan

I am proud of this because I got it done and it was good.

My biggest challenge was coming up with good words and long sentences.